• Battalion Ferentexas

    by Diana Oncioiu and Vlad Stoicescu photographs by Silviu Panaite and Zora Iuga There are four police stations in the 5th District of Bucharest. In charge with public safety and order in Ferentari is Police Division 24, established in the neighborhood in 1999. At first, the unit consisted of just two policemen whose activity took place in […]

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  • Insulator F

    by Diana Oncioiu and Vlad Stoicescu photographs by Zora Iuga and Silviu Panaite No polyclinic and no health advisory center. This is the clean result of an inventory of healthcare facilities serving Ferentari neighborhood in Bucharest. It has been like this for nearly 15 years. And as the years went by, the memory of any […]

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  • The School of Good Luck

    by Diana Oncioiu and Oana Dan photographs by Silviu Panaite and Zora Iuga With flowers in their hands and large schoolbags on their back, children rush to one of the seven schools that function in the Ferentari neighborhood.  In the courtyard, teachers or form teachers greet them and lead them to classrooms, along with their parents. It’s […]

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  • Left Out: The Fallacy of “Idleness”

    by Oana Dan photographs by Silviu Panaite It`s a hot August day. It`s so hot that if you stay under the sun for too long you start getting the feeling that you`ll become one with the concrete under your feet. This Thursday, around 5 pm, Bacau Street from the Bucharest neighbourhood of Ferentari is desolated. The only sound […]

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  • Of Mice and Men

    by Diana Oncioiu photographs by Zora Iuga You climb down a couple of stairs. It’s dark. You don’t even need light because the smell is your guide. Damp is ruling everywhere. With every stair climbed down you feel it in your nostrils stronger and stronger. As you reach the corridor, you can barely breathe anymore. There is […]

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  • Great Expectations

    by Oana Dan and Diana Oncioiu photographs by Silviu Panaite and Zora Iuga `Whomever enters here gets out really fast because of the unbearable smell`, says Viorica while stepping carefully on the street. A stout woman, she is wearing some colourful bermuda shorts, a white shirt and flip-flops on this sunny spring day. Livezilor Street from Ferentari […]

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